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All Is Set For The Keeping Marriage Alive Awards – July 1st

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Worried by the declining values in today’s marriages, divorces and the lack of integrity in marital unions, the Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative has taken one bold step in restoring sanity to the homes of Nigerians.

Prof. & Dr.(Mrs). Pat. Utomi honoured with The prestigious KMA Most Influential Couples Award, May, 2014

To this end, the Keeping Marriage Alive (KMA) Awards which will hold on Saturday, July 1, 2017, according to the founders of the Initiative, Dr. Richard and Ngozi Okonkwo, is to bring back the values in marriages as well as celebrate those who inspite of the lowered standard of our society have chosen to take the part less traveled by living a life of faithfGulness, love, integrity, humility, influence, and the fear of God against all odds.

                          Rev. & Pst.(Mrs.) M.C.A. Iwunze receiving their Award as KMA “BEST COUPLE” 2014.

Mr. & Mrs. Cosmas Okoli, KMA MOST COMMITTED Couple Award, 2014

Speaking on plans for the award, Ngozi who explained the reason behind the initiative, said the aim is to celebrate and honour Nigerians who have done well both in their marriages and in their careers.

                                   Chioma Igwe, Nollywood actor given the KMA ROLE MODEL Award, 2016

Ngozi who is popularly known as Ngee, delved into the history of the KMA Initiative recalled how she and her husband, Richard whom she fondly calls Rich, almost got a divorce following a series of problems in their marriage years ago.

“We were having serious issues in our marriage and we almost got a divorce. The problem was that we did not communicate enough, which is something I always tell couple during counseling that communication is very key to a marriage’s’ survival.

We had just fought with each other and we had no love for one another(so we thought).. The only option left for us was divorce. We decided to give it a second chance and took our marriage back to God, amazingly see where we are.

In the process, we realized that the problems in our marriage were a lack of communication, commitment and choices, something we have coined out as the three Cs of a marriage.

After realizing our mistakes, we worked on our differences and found out that we could have gotten a divorce over nothing. Today, I can tell you that we are not only great partners, we are also the best of friends.

We came together to set up the Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative to try and save marriages and bring couples together.

What we do is to bring back the value systems in marriages, counsel couples, help them to build a strong marriage, strong family and a healthy society.”

                                                                                             Ngee & Rich

Speaking further on how the KMA has helped homes, Ngozi explained that the organization has been able to foster a great unity amongst couples who take the time to visit them and are willing to talk about their problems.

“Actually, we call the KMA the ‘habit shop that caters to the needs of marriages, families, and society.’ Going by our mission, you will see that our vision is not only to build a strong marriage but a strong family and a healthy society. We try as much as possible to stir up the culture of oneness in marriages by reviving the moral values of the society.

Apart from organizing counseling sessions, we also organize events for couples like our intensive habit workshop where we educate couples in areas of relationship, marriage, finance and the workplace.

My husband talks to the men in a language they would understand easily while I talk to the women in our own unique female language.

We have our family and couple’s boot camp where we teach practical tasks on teamwork and vision in the home, the Fidelity Walk where we emphasize the need for friendship, insight, discipline, love, integrity and teamwork between couples.”

Drawing from her near-divorce experience, Ngozi further explained that many homes are in turmoil because the couples do not communicate or even listen to each other.

“The major problem with most marriages is that we don’t want to hear each other. We always want to speak first which is one step to having issues.

Women are emotional while men like facts but we do not see these things in one another but like I keep emphasizing, communication is key in any marriage and it is the number cause of friction in marriages.

The upcoming KMA Awards is solely aimed at restoring values in a marriage and bringing back the joys of marriage.

I will implore couples to attend the Award ceremony and lecture where they will learn a lot about the values they need to bring back to their marriage.

They can get to learn more about Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative by logging on to our website at They can also send us an email at,” she concluded.

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