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How Messi yearned for years for lifting a major trophy in Argentina Jersey!

Posted: July 11, 2021 at 4:37 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

“I would swap all my Golden Boots for one trophy for Argentina”, Messi told his journalist friend Victoria Brunati, even before the tournament of Copa America 2021.

When Argentina lost the Fifa final in 2014, all the Argentinean fans lost hope. Even the players of Argentina were in despair, but this Copa America, Argentina showed hope and projected excellent teamwork.

Yet the football rivals of Argentina refused to believe that Argentina could win.

Photo: REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes

All the anticipations of rival parties end as Di Maria’s shots the winning goal within 22 minutes of the match. Even though Messi did not show any exceptional performance at the final, Messi has scored 4 goals in and assisted in 5 goals throughout the Copa America 2021 and showed consistent performance.

Messi has been so close to touching his dream multiple times, yet his dream surges near the shore. The legendary player witnessed ups and downs in his life, especially in Barcelona and Downs in Argentina. Messi had secured the Olympic gold medal, taken Argentina to the Copa finals three times before the 2021 season, and even guided Argentina to the world cup final in 2014. Despite having countless achievements in his pocket, Messi yearned to win a major cup for his Flag.

Photo: REUTERS/Amanda Perobelli

In 2016, when Messi missed a penalty shot at the Copa America final, the guilt wounded him so deep that he decided to resign from the national team despite being the top scorer of all time for Argentina. Fortunately, he reversed his decision and continued to play for his country.

“Messi is one step ahead of all of us,” De Paul told before the penalty shootout win against Colombia in the semi-finals.

“Messi is one step ahead of us”, but “One is here to grow, to help. We are all on the same path. What matters is to win and represent Argentina well”, said Rodrigo De paul before the penalty shootout win against Colombia in the semi-finals.

Di Maria’s winning shot on Copa America 2021, ended Argentina 28 years of despair and fulfilled Messi’s dream of lifting an international trophy in his white and blue striped T-shirt.


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