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Some 50 people fanned out to pick litter along 1st avenue, 2nd avenue and 3rd gate (Alakija) Festac Town, Lagos on Saturday 14th January in a show of their commitment towards keeping the environment clean.

They collected about 450kg of litter, comprising of mostly drink cans, bottles, water sachet etc. in about a three hour latter picking exercise, a campaign organized by the Exotic Green Gold Foundation, an anti-litter initiative, a foundation of action, pioneers of BEBO idealogy and the revolution on keep it “Clean and Beautiful” initiative which started in 2016.

This year, more than 150 people are expected to take part in litter picking exercises across different locations. Dr. Chinyere Ogbonna, the National coordinator of the ‘Clean & Beautiful” initiative said that the foundation’s main focus would be on litter reduction, using proactive measures, anchored on BEBO idealogy.

It is also a platform where any individual or group can take active steps to contribute and help uphold our community’s image as a clean city. “Through providing opportunities for people to volunteer their time, and bringing together different waste materials like gloves, waste baskets etc. for a meaningful cause. We believe that we would help build a more friendly , better and conducive environment as web work hand-in-hand for a common good”, she said.

Dr. Chinyere Ogbonna, the National coordinator of the ‘Clean & Beautiful” initiative

Dr. Ogbonna, who runs a botanic garden tries to do her part by picking up litter left around in her premises especially if they are dangerous objects like broken glass. She described most people’s attitude towards the environment as worrisome, saying “That the environment is dirty is an understatement. A walk along our streets and pathways speaks volumesof us as a nation. It projects how we drop light waste with ease”.

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