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    When the story broke sometime last week about the release of the Dapchi girls, we were all ecstatic and happy, I was elated because of the news and felt the joy of the Holy Ghost regardless of whether they were Muslims or not. I just felt so happy with the fact that the defenseless young girls that were abducted a month ago will be reunited with their parents and loved ones.

    Shortly after the news broke, we learnt that the barbaric abductors refused to release one girl. I was shocked and wondered why that may be so until I learnt from one of the abducted girls that it was because she refused to be converted to Islam. My heart pumped Adrenalin into my body, I was shell shocked and could not move my muscles for a while until I gathered myself together and tears filled my eyes, my heart said a silent prayer for the Leah for that is the name of this brave girl.

    The scriptures tells us that the girl is going to be rewarded by the Lord because she didn’t deny her Master and Savior; But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

    I am amazed, encouraged, inspired and energized by the faith of Leah in Dapchi, she is already our own ‘Malala’ in Nigeria and should be celebrated as such. She didn’t deny her faith and held unto her confession of Christ, she refused to be converted even if it would be fake conversion for her freedom; the whole Christendom should imprint her name on marble and make her a heroin of our faith.


    1. Her Faith Is More Precious: Leah must have the right understanding of her faith in Christ that I doubt many southern believers have. The Apostle Peter mentioned about our faith and said it is not comparable with Silver and Gold (1 Pet. 1 v 7:2 Pet. 1 v 1). This lady has challenged our faith in the south and I’m truly inspired by her life.
    1. She Was Fearless: The sight of guns, bullets, army camouflage, war chants, and captivity did not put fear in Leah, though she must have been scared but yet willing to go all the way for her Lord. The Lord tells us not to Fear those who can kill the body but have no authority over the soul in hell (Matt 10 v 28). That is precisely what she did and I am inspired by her faith.
    1. Her Bravery Should Be Infectious: I don’t want to believe she should be forgotten in the hands of the blood thirsty terrorists masquerading as jihadists. They are just cowards that are bullying defenseless girls where there are men out there who are waiting for their challenge. Her bravery is challenging my timidity at this point and I reckon we should be Inspired also. The scriptures says this is the victory that overcomes….even our Faith (1 John 5 v 4)
    1. Her Story Is A Testimony: Leah’s Story has become a testimony of God’s power in today’s world. This is what John spoke about when he revealed how we overcome the devil, ‘They overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony, and they LOVED NOT THEIR LIVES even unto death’ (Rev 12 v 11). This should be our story as well, something we should do for Jesus.
    1. Different Kinds of Conversions: Many People may think she wasn’t wise and should have just faked her conversion thereafter leave the enemy’s camp. I believe we may quote Peter’s denial before Jesus was killed as an example of a worse person, just like many of us have converted in different ways; converted through corruption at work, converted through westernization in marriage, converted through compromise in politics, converted through immorality in School, converted through lower standards in church… the list is endless.

    I hope I have inspired you through the life of a 15 year old village girl from Dapchi called LEAH….I remember her do you?

    Be Inspired,

    By Yomi Kasali(Rev)

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