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“Hello Saturday”: Most Nigerians Are Fast Losing Their Sense Of Belonging

Posted: January 29, 2022 at 7:57 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Amid a recent backlash on social media about a grammatical error made by MC Oluomo, NURTW Chairman, Lagos.

The maiden edition of this column tagged “Hello Saturday” provides me the opportunity to drop my personal opinion about these incessant issues flooding the social media space as they unfold within the week.  Enjoy your weekend with this piece and kindly drop a comment.

I feel most Nigerians who trolled MC Oluomo and many others on social media as a result of such grammatical errors in the past have all lost their sense of belonging.

The English language is an adopted language and because you’re fluent with the right diction doesn’t make you more intelligent than those who aren’t.

I have noticed how those who aren’t fluent are often despised during discussions even when they have something meaningful to say… They are mostly perceived as not being intelligent. I have also noticed how those who couldn’t express themselves very well in English language were not given the right grade they deserve during our Art project defence in school despite their creativity and immense talent. All of these truly saddens me.

Great inventors and Scholars in most Producing/manufacturing countries of the world like India, China, Brazil, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, Germany, Belgium, Ukraine etc are being taught in their indigenous language yet in Nigeria, we want to be more English than the English.

Whoever placed a compulsory credit to study science related courses in Nigerian institutions should have a rethink. I wonder how many great scientists and Engineers we have deprived Africa and the world.

Trending issues on twitter would make one understand the mindset of most Nigerian youths whose minds have been disoriented by series of bad leadership thus delving into inconsequential issues. A lot of reorientation needs to be done to rejuvenate great minds that would help reposition this nation to greatness.

©Chris Omeruo

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