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Exotic Green Gold Foundation Celebrates 1st Anniversary

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Residents of Festac Town, the headquarters of Amuwo-Odofin Local Government Area of Lagos State, and its environs celebrated the 1st anniversary of an anti-litter campaign organization, the Exotic Green Gold Foundation (EGGF).

National coordinator of EGGF, Dr. Chinyere Ogbonna, used the occasion to launch and present a book, “We and Our Environment”, and a magazine, “Better Environment, Better Option (BEBO)”, both harping on the need to keep the environment clean and beautiful at all times.

                                              Dr. Chinyere Ogbonna  (National coordinator of EGGF)

In her address, Dr. Ogbonna described EGGF as an anti-litter initiative that was borne out of concern on the level of ignorance and attitude of our people towards littering and unfriendly environmental behaviours. Our unfriendly behaviours towards the environment cross integrity barriers. We are all big offenders and if there are exemptions, it will only be a negligible percentage.

She said that the foundation’s main focus would be on litter reduction, using proactive measures, anchored on the BEBO idealogy.

Dr. Ogbonna described most people’s attitude towards the environment as worrisome, saying “That the environment is dirty is an understatement. A walk along our streets and pathways speaks volumes of us as a nation. It projects how we drop light waste with ease”.

On her book, she said, “I made efforts to write a book title “We and Our Environment”, with pictures for easy illustration and understanding. The pictures are self-explanatory. I urge all to help put the book on every family’s shelf, in school libraries, hotel rooms, public and private libraries, visiting centres, churches, mosques and waiting rooms, among other places”.

Among several achievements of the organization since its inception on november25, 2016, Ogbonna said, “ We hung many street litter baskets at strategic positions along many streets in Festac and it is still on-going”.

The foundation has also introduced Clean and Beautiful School Environment Competition among the public primary schools in Amuwo-Odofin as a pilot project. Three winners will emerge at the end of the competition and they will fly the Sponsor’s prestigious flag for the next academic year with other incentives.

Chairman of the occasion, Apostle Babatunde Omisore, commended the coordinator for the initiative.

He said, “Everyone of us is a product of the environment, wherever you are today is the product of the environment where you come from”.

He also decried the level of degradation of the environment in Nigeria, which has turned special places to common places due to people’s attitude to the environment. “Environment make man, The importance of environment cannot be over-emphasized. Our life is guided by the environment. If we honour and enhance the environment, we are enhancing our lives”.

As one of the reviewers of the book, Omisore advised Nigerians to imbibe the culture of keeping very beautiful environment. “You can only do that by putting into practice what is handed in the book. We will all come together to support this foundation and to see physically, within Festac, improvement of the environment where we live before going to other parts of the state”. He said.

Also reviewing the book, Mrs. Chinwe Ihemereze described the book as a masterpiece which was constantly appealing to people to change their bad behaviour of littering the environment by dropping things with ease, especially light waste, like water sachets.

She advised that children should be made to imbibe the culture of a clean environment.

Ihemereze urged all people of goodwill to get a copy of the book, go through it and put into practice what it contained. Like the author, she harped on the importance of seminars, discouragement of open gutters and enforcement of laws as ways of maintaining green and clean environment.

She said that the level of ignorance, as far as the environment was concerned, was regrettable and agreed with the author that people should not pile up refuse in their homes.

She also described the book as a masterpiece that should be kept in various places and advised people to get as many copies, so as to help in spreading the message to as many people as possible.

“Read the book and use it for your everyday life”, she said.

While launching the book, the president of Festac Town Residents Association(FTRA), Mr. Shola Fokorede, promised to get the books across to all the communities in Festac.

“Each of the communities should not pick less than 10copies and then we take it from there down to the zones.

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