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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: “Those who are claiming candidacy, Ask them, did they do the Primary?

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Veteran Nollywood actor, Executive Producer, Businessman and Politician, Hon. Metu Augustine Ejike popularly known as Methuselah gives answers to the lingering questions the people of Amuwo Odofin have been asking surrounding his Candidacy as the Labour Party Candidate contesting for the Federal House of Representative, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos.

In this interview with TEGA MUKORO, He reveals so many things which the good people of Amuwo Odofin have been itching to know.

KM:  Good day Sir, thanks for given us this opportunity to have this interview with you, Could you please introduce yourself so that our viewers can know you better.

Hon. Metu Ejike: Thank you very much for having me. My name is Metu Augustine Ejike popularly known s Methuselah.

KM: Why did you have to move from the PDP to join the Labour Party, because it’s popular that you’re one of the founding members of the PDP not just in Lagos but in Amuwo Odofin to be precise.

Hon. Metu Ejike: To be precise, i was the founding member of PDP way back 1998 up to the 23rd of May, 2022. you know these date are very important because PDP had it’s primary on the 23rd, later cancelled and did another primary on the 6th of June, 2022. So, i left because in the cause of that 23rd primary, a lot of things became obvious that they wanted to return somebody who had been there for 8years and in the cause of our campaigning within the party there were statements we made, So If think you are returning somebody who had been there for 8years, there will be consequences, maybe it was not defined but personally i did say if so so thing happens, we might also need to shift ground. So when eventually they returned him, i had to move. The consequences is that i moved to Labour Party on the 23rd of May, 2022.


And i want to emphasize that that primary on the 23rd of May was cancelled by PDP.  So i had my primary in Labour Party on the 28th day of May, 2022. INEC was there, DSS was there, and they signed our document and i want to emphasize that that was the only primary for National Assembly, Labour Party in Labour State.

KM: It’s no longer news that there are some controversies with the candidacy in some of the offices in the Labour Party especially that of the Federal House of Representative, Amuwo Odofin. What do you have to say about this Sir?

Hon. Metu Ejike: Every game has it’s rule, you’re a journalist, you go out there, you opinion leaders will mould opinion and also get those opinions to the public. The question is, What is the modalities for becoming a candidate? The norm norm is primary in a party. Those who are claiming candidacy, Ask them, did they do primary? And i have said it to you, there was only one National Assembly primary in Amuwo Odofin for House of Representative on the 28th day of May, 2022. INEC was there, DSS was there, they signed the documents. Infact, they say that opinions are free but facts are sacred.

We got a CTC from INEC proving they attended our primary report in Lagos but i’m particularly interested in Amuwo Odofin. We stand on the side of law. I did the primary for  House of Rep. under Labour Party in Amuwo. I will leave it at that because it’s subjudice.

KM: Do you think you have a case, and do you have documents backing this if you think you have a case?

Hon. Metu Ejike: Thank you for this…When i said opinions are free and facts are sacred, maybe at your time you peruse this…(Hands over some documents),  You have the certified true copy of INEC report and results at the Local Governments in Lagos State, you also have letters written to INEC for substitution primary and INEC answered to them on the 1st of November, 2022 telling them that the window had closed and what they are asking is not possible.

KM: And you can see that they were no substitute for this?

Hon. Metu Ejike: There was no substitution primary, the only substitution primary was done for the House of Assembly, the House of Assembly primary was done on the 26th of May, the substitution primary was done on the 6th of August, 2022. So, that was the only substitution they did. Unfortunately, in the cause of doing that substitution, they wrote my name into House of Assembly, but i wrote INEC that i didn’t, and i also sent a letter to the party structure that what they are doing is not good. The primary i contested was House of Rep and that was the only one, there was no substitution. You can verify from anyone just like our principal will say, Go and verify.

KM: With these documents you have presented shows that you really have a case and you’re on top of it. Very important for us, we’ve talked about politics and all of that. The name Metu really strikes a call, if i can remember, you used to be an actor way back in the 90s. Movies like Rattle Snake and the likes. Can you tell us a bit about you in just few minutes outside of politics, your background and what led you into politics?

Hon. Metu Ejike: Thank you very much, you mentioned Nollywood, Yes, i belong to Nollywood but you used the word “was”, I am present, i’m still an actor, i’ve gone a step higher, i’m an Executive producer of movies. i still do my acting. I’m a licensed clearing agent in the maritime industry. It’s a whole strata of different things, Hualage, Consultancy, Clearing which is the normal one associated with when you mention maritime. i’m a businessman and Compere extraordinary.

I entered politics because of the love i have for service, i was the Student Union President in 1988, So it just didn’t start today. So the essence of politics is to serve the people. My guiding philosophy is to serve the people, that is why i offered myself to the good people of Amuwo Odofin. When you do an offer, it’s a contract, with their votes, if they say go, that means they have accepted it. The essence is for me to go and represent the good people of Amuwo Odofin in the Green chamber , that’s why i humbly offered myself to serve. There are narratives we need to change, i am offering to serve, it is when they have accepted and put their votes that you know you have established an understanding you’re going to represent the good people of Amuwo Odofin.

May i use this opportunity to plead with the good people of Amuwo Odofin to vote LP, Labour Part, Up, down in the forth coming elections.

KM: Thank you so much Hon. Metu, it’s been an amazing time talking with you today and i hope we hear from you even after the election. Do have a great day.

Hon. Metu Ejike: Thank you very much.

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