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10 Shocking Pics of Celebs Before and After Drugs

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10 Shocking Pics of Celebs Before and After Drugs

Being in the public eye all of the time can be very stressful and sadly some celebrities think the only way to get rid of the stress is to turn to drugs. Unfortunately, for a lot of celebs things spiral out of control really quickly and can even destroy their careers. Here are 10 shocking pics of celebrities before and after drugs.

1 celebs before after drugs

1. Macaulay Culkin – We still can’t wrap our heads around the fact that the adorable kid from Home Alone turned into a drug addict. Macaulay has been to rehab on several occasion, but he’s still struggling with addiction.


2 celebs before after drugs

2. Whitney Houston – She’s one of the most talented singers to become a victim of substance abuse. The entire world was saddened to see her pass away in February of 2012. Whitney was a longtime cocaine user.


3 celebs before after drugs

3. Lindsay Lohan – The whole world is familiar with Lindsay’s highly publicized battle with drug and alcohol abuse. The former teen star turned into a hardcore partier and drug user in front of our very own eyes.


4 celeb before after drugs

4. Britney Spears – Just like Lindsay, Britney’s career also started plummeting after she started abusing drugs, most likely because she no longer could stand being in the public eye 24/7. All of this led to the pop princess’ mental breakdown in 2007, which was widely covered by the media.


7 celebs before after drugs

5. Kumar Fulbright – The former Hollywood hottie’s career took a nosedive after she started abusing drugs. She even arranged to have her ex-boyfriend tortured. We assume this bizarre behavior is closely related to her substance abuse.


9 celebs before after drugs

6. Amanda Bynes – Amanda skyrocketed to fame as a young teenager with The Amanda Show, as well as her roles in popular movies like She’s The Man. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before she started using drugs, which rendered this totally cute and innocent-looking actress almost unrecognizable.


12 celebs before after drugs

7. Mischa Barton – Former Orange Country star used to hang around Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie quite a bit, which is when she developed her drug addiction. Not only did her mental health suffer, but she also lost her radiant beauty as well.


15 celebs before after drugs

8. Kate Moss – She used to be one of the most famous models in the business, but her career quickly fell apart after she was caught on camera snorting cocaine.



9. Majek Fashek –  Veteran Nigerian reggae singer Majek Fashek who performed at the 2015 Felabration festival after checking out of rehabilitation center. The “send down the rain” crooner popularly called rainmaker, recently sought treatment for addiction to drugs and alcohol.




16 celebs before after drugs

10. Michael Jackson – Of course, we can’t forget the King of Pop, who was in the press for almost his entire life. All this pressure eventually got to him, so he wasn’t stranger to drug abuse. After he passed away in 2009, the coroner found several types of prescription drugs in his system.

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